MyHistro and Camscanner

Hello! I have found this cool site on DiRT called MyHistro. You create a free account and make timeline presentation. This comes in handy if you are trying to showcase change over a period of time. Your timeline can feature places on a map as well as pictures of the event you are depicting. You can “play” your timeline to go through your events and the map will move to show each new event. If you are lacking inspiration, MyHistro has popular timelines that you can watch and comment on. 
MyHistro also has 3D battles for you to explore and create. This way people can have a much easier time of visualizing battles and other complex events. Both of these features allow you to spice up your presentation and make your content easier for your audience to understand. The maps and pictures also give your audience something to look at that is not text and that moves. 

Another handy little app is Camscanner. Camscanner allows you to take pictures of 2D objects and stretches that picture out until it fills the whole screen and is more legible. You can alter the brightness and have the app scan the picture for text so that you can search for it later. The picture can be turned into a PDF and emailed. Camscanner makes creating PDFs a snap which is very handy if you are collecting sources in an archive or a library. This way you can take high quality photos of sources and have them at your disposal later on. C

Apart from being sources of information, the high quality pictures you take with Camscanner can serve as beautiful and interesting images or examples  for a presentation. 

MyHistro and Camscanner are both wonderful examples of digital that can make the life of a historic researcher much easier and more effiecent. 


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